martes, 6 de abril de 2010


The university has many good things as audio-visual resources, an auditorium for presentations and lectures, and outdoor spaces for recreation and sharing with others, the buildings are three floors each, each room with a capacity of up to 50 students, all with air conditioning and explanations slates which is very useful, as well as an extensive library, cafes and parking for those who have in their own cars.

Is quarterly which carries students are always busy with assignments, you can simultaneously record and view up to 8 materials, you also have 1 weeks for the assessments of such materials which may cause it to be quite stressful weeks, however my college life is fun and complete, we have theater group presenting their work every Thursday, also representing cultural groups weekly events to inform and entertain students. With nearly 30 thousand students, it is easy to meet people and have many friends, I really enjoy my life in college.

my life at the university.

Hi, this is last unit, is about my life at the university, i am from falcon, but i am studing in maracaibo because here the university are better , i am a student of mass comunication at the university Rafael Belloso Chacin, i am study three days a week, since 7:00 am until 5:00 pm I organize my schedule this way because i miss so much my family,friends and boyfriend and this way i am able to travel back to my place and spend friday, saturday,sunday and monday. it is on tuesday when i come back.

I like very much my university it have it all , tecnology , a big library, copy center, computers and cafes. I had excellent teachers who have taught me much not only about my career but also about life.

kisses, bye.

martes, 16 de marzo de 2010

Hi everyone, in this opportunity I will talk you about my neighborhood, first of all I live in a middle class area , very closed to my university Rafael Belloso Chacín, I live in the fourth of six buildings , in an apartment , called la California, my parents own the place and its perfect for me because I from Falcón and i came to Maracaibo to study mass communication, a have very close three mall centers, Fast food restaurants, a Bakery, even across the street a have a taxi cab line , very convenient since I have no car.

It used to be a safe and quiet area, but over the time and bad government it became a very dangerous place, even during the day, sidewalks are deteriorating are also, I wish it would be the same that was one.

That’s all, bye.

martes, 9 de marzo de 2010

My Family

I have a big family, First My mon is 46 years old and she is Teacher My father is a business men and he is 51 years old, Second my brothers are Victor and Jose, Victor is 29 years old and he is graduated on Industrial relations and Jose is 23 years old and he is studying Public Accountancy. Also I have to say that I have a beautiful nephew and he is 2 years old. I have too a lot of uncles and cousins. Finally, My grandma and grandpa they are still live and they are 80 years old and I love them so much.
Modernity has brought great benefits to the Venezuelan society, which benefits from technological advances, political and economic, but also suffers the consequences. By becoming more expensive life family group was reduced, leaving a memory of large families of seven or more siblings. Today there are more single children or children with one brother, many parents are divorced and the onset of motherhood is the later. The trend is to reduce the number of offspring and live longer.

martes, 23 de febrero de 2010

The Silbon

It is, according to legend, the ghost of a young man who killed his parents, and so is condemned to wander as a lost soul forever with a bag full of bones of their ancestors.

It has a signature whistle that resembles musical notes do, re, mi, fa, sol, la, si, in that order until fa louder and then down to the note itself. It is said that when the whistle is heard no danger near, as the Eurasian is far away but if you hear it because it's close.

It is also said to hear his whistle is an omen of death itself. Another tradition states that occurs in the Eurasian houses at night to count the bones that leads into the bag. If nobody listens, no danger.

Marilyn Monroe

Marilyn Monroe died on 5 August 1962 at the age of 36 in Los Angeles. Police department chief of Los Angeles, Jack Clemmons received a call from Dr.Greenson, Monroe's psychiatrist, at 4:55 pm., and it was he who told him that she died at home. The Clemmons was the first officer on the scene. The first autopsy found he died from an overdose of barbiturates.

The police report described the incident as a "probable suicide", but for lack of evidence the investigators left open the possibility that he had been murdered. Other theories also suggested that John and Robert Kennedy had something to do with Monroe's death, he even says it was a mafia crime.